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This position is for work within the state of hire as well as outside of the state on a project by project basis. Candidates must understand that travel will be required.

The Lineman is responsible for work he/she is performing as well as that of his assigned groundsman. The Lineman is an expert in each type of work performed and makes decisions based on experience and the input of his Construction Manager, Construction Foreman, and input from his/her groundsman. The Lineman reports directly to the Construction Foreman on project status, issues with employees and equipment, and any other field level operation issues.


Specifically a Lineman will:
-Effectively and safely complete work with the assistance of his/her groundsman.
-Climb Poles as required.
-Drive CDL vehicles and maintains a current CDL license.
-Work efficiently from a bucket truck.
-Construct/Wreck Out Aerial and Underground Plant to include:
*Build Pole Leads (Strand, ADSS, Poles, Anchors, Down Guys, Transfers, etc.)
*Wreck Out Pole Leads (Poles, Strand, Anchors , and Down Guys)
*Restore area to project requirements.
-Read Customer prints and determine work to be performed as well as point out potential issues.
-Keep accurate notes for each project as record of work and issues.
-Report project progress to the Construction Foreman and relate any needs for the days to come avoiding delays of work due to lack of materials or equipment.


Linemen are personally responsible for their own safety and looks out for the safety of their fellow crew members.


Wage: DOE

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