we do.

Quality, integrity, and professionalism is echoed throughout every service we provide.

With many years experience, Spligitty specializes in core aligned single strand and mass fusion ribbon splicing. Testing capabilities include: OTDR, power meter and fiber characterization. Our competencies allow us to support cut-overs, emergency restorations, site survey and design, integration support, warranty and maintenance — also including risk mitigation at all levels on every project.



Based on our history of splicing fiber optic cable, it is safe to say Spligitty® understands fiber.  As a company, we have an advantage when placing cable. We know what can and cannot be done with cable, how to handle it without damaging it, and how to place it in the most efficient way possible. Our crews place cable quickly and efficiently with some of the best equipment in the industry.  


With the ability to scale nationwide, one of our core strengths is supporting OSP Construction by providing state-of-the-art equipment coupled with our highly sought-after construction crews.


Spligitty has made a large investment in aerial construction for the growing need to build pathways and place cable quickly for cell tower upgrades and community fiber deployments. This also allows us to support emergency restorations.


Working closely with our customers, we help develop the most advantageous and cost-effective solutions to any project. In conjunction with our customer-driven Program Management Team, our goals are to deliver all projects safely, on time and under budget ensuring the highest customer satisfaction.