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MCEC PROJECT - South Carolina

Fiber Optic Engineering Splicing Construction

Spligitty® is the preferred splicing company for the MCEC Project in Southern Carolina.  The project is a CO-OP driven upgrade of their SCADA network that also deploys FTTX to the homes and businesses in the area.  The project initial phases will pass 58,000 homes in a five-year period.

The project has been challenging but also very rewarding.  Hurricanes, torrential rain, and uncharacteristic snow and freezing all have played a part in the in complicating the workflow.  Despite the challenges, the Spligitty Teams have been successful in keeping the project on track and on schedule.


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we are doing.

Quality, integrity, and professionalism is echoed throughout every service we provide.

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Salt Lake City, Utah

Spligitty has been working with UTOPIA Fiber for multiple years. In 2013, we expanded services for UTOPIA to include aerial construction and underground placing crews. These projects have kept our construction and splicing crews busy. We continue this commitment to improve the digital lives in the greater Salt Lake City area. 




Spligitty supports several internet providers with aerial construction, underground placement and splicing. As most internet providers are on the fast track, Spligitty has supported their efforts bringing enhanced services to their customers quickly and efficiently.

(RUS) US Nationwide

Commitment to our customers is our highest priority. Whether Spligitty works as a subcontractor or directly with telco’s, we have a great understanding of the intricacies of each project and take time to ensure we have our customer’s best interest in mind.




American Samoa, US

Years in the making, this ambitious project covered all the islands of American Samoa, passing nearly 10,000 homes. Spligitty strategized the project for over one year with logistics playing a large role in the successful outcome.



South Carolina, US

Spligitty is the preferred splicing company for the MCEC project in South Carolina. A co-op driven upgrade of the SCADA network, this project also deploys FTTx to homes and businesses in the area. The project’s initial phase will surpass 58,000 homes in a five-year period. Hurricanes, torrential rain, and uncharacteristic snow and freezing have played a part in hurdles along the way. Despite these challenges, the Spligitty teams have kept the project on schedule.


Spligitty is a customer-driven company. Our open-door policy provides customers the opportunity to speak one-on-one with project managers, engineers, top management and more, so they can rest assured their project is in capable hands. Our understanding and attention to detail is paramount and keeps our customers coming back.

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