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This position is for work within the state of hire as well as outside of the state on a project by project basis. Candidates must understand that travel will be required.

The Groundsman is responsible for work he/she is performing as directed by the assigned Lineman or Construction Foreman.  The Groundsman is an entry level person that understands general construction labor practices and safety requirements, however, generally works under the direct supervision of a Lineman or Construction Foreman. 

Specifically a Groundsman will:

  • Effectively and safely complete work as assigned by the Lineman or Construction Foreman.

  • Operate company vehicles as required.

  • Obtain a CDL license within a specified time.

  • Report any unsafe situations to the Lineman or Foreman on the project.

  • Is personally responsible for their own safety and looks out for the safety of their fellow crew members.

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