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Spligitty Fiber Optic Services Inc.® takes pride in offering the highest quality services, provided by the best employees in the industry.  As part of our commitment to our customers, we offer a level of security that instills confidence in our staff and crews.


Spligitty Fiber Optic Services Inc. ® performs background checks on all employment candidates.  Employees that have a need to access sensitive or classified information undergo additional screening prior to assignment to sensitive areas or projects.  Through selective interviewing and screening we are confident that we eliminate most potential risks from security issues. 


An integral part of our Security Policy is the badging process.  Each Spligitty employee should be wearing a badge or be able to produce one upon request.  The badge should look like the one to the right.  It will have photo of the employee, their name, their employee number, an expiration date, the company logo, and a QR code that links to this page.

South Carolina MCEC Project Contact: 406-890-4388

 If you have any additional questions about Spligitty Employees, contact Human Resources at 307-760-4809.




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